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CWIFF • SEASON  11  2024

Results shall be declared on May 31st


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CWIFF: Empowering Imaginations and Promoting Global Film Diversity


Welcome to CWIFF, the quarterly film event dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and raising awareness about the diverse range of films made around the world. At CWIFF, we not only run as a festival but also provide a platform for filmmakers and enthusiasts to learn from renowned filmmakers from across the globe.


Our mission is to empower individuals, regardless of their background, to bring their imaginations to life through visual storytelling. To achieve this, we gather audiences in various cities and venues every season, making us proud nomads of the festival circuit. Unlike other festivals confined to a single location, CWIFF moves and adapts to reach a wider audience, creating a unique and enriching experience.


Since our inception, we have conducted numerous workshops that have exposed individuals from diverse fields such as medicine, engineering, journalism, and film enthusiasts to the intricacies and artistry of cinema. Through our empowerment program, we have showcased films from countries like Serbia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Switzerland, Iran, Italy, Nepal, and many others that are often overlooked by mainstream platforms. We firmly believe that cinema exists everywhere, and CWIFF is instrumental in providing the opportunity for learning that may have otherwise taken years to attain.


CWIFF is an independent festival funded solely by the submissions received and the support of our founders. This independence ensures that we are not swayed by any external influences or motives driven by financiers and investors. When you submit your film to CWIFF, you can be confident that the selection process is fair and unbiased. Winning a CWIFF award is a testament to the quality and value of your work.


One of the distinguishing features of CWIFF is that filmmakers competing in our festival are not bound by any restrictions preventing them from showing their films elsewhere. We believe that awarded films deserve recognition and priority, as they embody the essence of our festival's purpose—to educate and inspire through the best cinematic experiences. However, it is important to note that all submission decisions are made by our esteemed jury, who carefully select the films to be showcased during the festival.


Today, you have the extraordinary opportunity to become a mentor to aspiring filmmakers and contribute to the global film community. Submit your film to #CWIFF and be a part of an event that not only celebrates the art of filmmaking but also serves as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and personal growth.


Join us at CWIFF, where the world of cinema unfolds, boundaries are shattered, and creative visions are celebrated. Let your film be heard and make a lasting impact on audiences from around the world.


Submit your film to CWIFF and embark on a transformative journey. Together, let's illuminate the power of independent filmmaking and embrace the diverse stories that shape our world.

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