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Season 10


Cinema of the World International Film Festival

While big movie studios are hunting for new stories, many of us are just hunting for jobs. If you have a movie idea in mind that no one has made, why not be the one to write it into reality?


- Quentin Tarantino

“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.”

~ Stanley Kubrick

Recognizing outstanding storytelling and the ability to craft compelling narratives

Best Writer
Best Producer

We don't make Movies to make more Money. We make Money to make MORE Movies.


- Walt Disney

"A big round of applause for those who put education and well-being before self-interests"

Best Director (Fiction)

A Director must be a Policeman, A Midwife, A Psychoanalyst, A Sycophant and A Bastard.

- Billy Wilder

those filled with exceptional talent and vision who brought words to life

When I looked at life through the Camera, I felt like I could finally see it.

- Katherine Howe


Commending the artistry and technical expertise in capturing visually stunning moments; those who delivered the 'emotions'