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Words to Visuals

Because nobody told Welles that something was impossible to shoot, he went ahead and captured everything, believing that anything was achievable, and he succeeded. We can all learn from his example and disregard statements that might hinder us from bringing our imaginations to life.
Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he wrote it on paper. Writing is the initial and most powerful step in filmmaking.
While big movie studios are hunting for new stories, many of us are just hunting for jobs. If you have a movie idea in mind that no one has made, why not be the one to write it into reality?


Give and Get Notes
- Recently finished a draft. 
- Can't afford proofreading fees!
- Here it is for you something that will help you.
- Coverfly use barter system instead of money.
- The more you give notes to others, the more credits you'll have to use for your own Notes.
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