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Seasons change, so do even the most learned Judges.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Milena Kaneva


Meghana Kaushik

Meghna Kaushik

Appdeep Meshram

Appdeep Meshram_edited.jpg

Ganeshwara Mohapatra

Ganeshwara Mohapatra

Dalip Tahil

Dalip Tahil.jpg

Sanobar Hussain

Sanobar Hussaini

Author & Lecturer

Puneet Prakash

Puneet Prakash.jpg

Andres Moret

Andres Moret_edited_edited.jpg

Taran Bajaj

Filmmaker Tarang Bajaj

Priyanka Ghose

Filmmaker Priyanka Ghose

CWIFF proudly presents an esteemed jury panel of experienced and accomplished filmmakers. With their wealth of expertise and discerning tastes, they ensure the selection of extraordinary films for the festival. These industry veterans bring years of practical experience and a deep understanding of filmmaking intricacies, enabling them to identify exceptional talent and cinematic brilliance. Their commitment to excellence inspires aspiring filmmakers and solidifies CWIFF's reputation as a premier platform for celebrating outstanding cinematic achievements. With their guidance, CWIFF showcases remarkable talent from around the world, fostering creativity and celebrating the brilliance of filmmaking.

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